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Daily Routine

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For consistency of learning, every room in the nursery follows a similar routine each day.


Our routine is flexible so that it benefits the children. For example, if the children are engrossed in a pirate role play activity then staff might ask the children to ‘clear the decks’ or 'hide their treasure' whilst tidying up. Continuing the role play activity might make the process of tidying take longer but the spontaneous learning opportunities are extremely valuable.


We offer the children ‘free play’ throughout the day. This is where the children to choose their own activities then our practitioners enhance and extend the learning experiences through interaction and play. Using open ended questions such as "what did you enjoy most about the trip to the farm?" makes the children think and draw on a wider range of vocabulary.


Children also have the choice to play inside or outside at anytime of the day. Our practitioners ensure they are correctly supervised and that adult-led activities are available outside as well as inside. This means children always have access to the same learning oppportunities throughout the day.